Friday, 30 August 2013

God's Maya Garden

I wonder at God's agents who disparage His wonderful creations as MAYA JAAL. This world is real, everything in it is real, very much real, perfect, beautiful, without any doubt.How can God's creation,which some people call MAYA JAAL,be imperfect or lacking in anything. The mere variability and transmutability of certain physical objects and forms does not make this world or its contents an illusion or a perishable commodity. In fact the name of this constant change, the process of degeneration and regeneration is LIFE. I donot know why some people, enjoying everything for themselves, are filling the common people with a feeling of guilt for doing those things that they themselves are doing with impunity. What is wrong in genuine gratification of the senses. It fact this gratification of the senses should fill us with a sense of gratitude and thankfulness to the CREATOR.Who does not enjoy the soft touch and sweet sound of breeze, the murmuring of streams,the beauty of greenery and multicolored flowers,the music of birds,and so on?. How some people call it MAYA or MAYA JAAL is beyond my understanding. I don't very clearly understand the exact implications of the world MAYA but it certainly is used as disparaging and derogatory term for God's Creation JAAL, a net, I wonder why God should spread a net to entrap human beings. Today Sanyasies are not found in the forests or in the lap of Himalayas, they are found in their five star ASHRAMS. Why should then they grudge the huts, cottages and humble homes of the common people and their simple innocent pleasures.? Where is the need of seeing God when we are already living in a home built by Him for us. What we need to do is just to express thankfulness and sense of gratitude to the ALMIGHTY.My daily prayer is very simple: Oh God I am grateful to YOU for making me partake YOUR WONDERFUL SPREAD OF FEAST.

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