Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Autonomous Man/ Oneupmanship

God makes every human being in His own image. Before sending him on a sojourn to the world He gives him lessons in autonomy.He tells every human being the same thing " you are completely autonomous and independent, you are more intelligent than any other your co-fellows on earth. I have no dealerships or agents on earth to negotiate on my behalf In case of necessity or need you can  have direct contact with me."

In fact God is a very astute Administrator. He has asked every human being to contact him directly but he has managed such a show that nobody disturbs Him. He has populated the earth with human beings who are more or less similar in every way except one thing that each one considers himself or herself superior to others on account of one special favor from God that he is more intelligent than all other fellows on the earth.If that were  not the case this world would have been a very dull and passive  place to live, each one living in his own shell thinking that all are similar so the other is of no use or help for him.  The entire game of worldly actions, interactions, contradictions and conflicts originates from this fallacy that each is more intelligent than the other. Since every one considers this favor to be exclusive, secret and special one from God, meant for himself only,  so every body hesitates to make it public for the fear of retribution from God for breach of confidence and giving out His secret.

The result of all this is chaos in the world. Everybody is busy proving his superiority over others without openly declaring it. Each one is using his own modus operandi , subtle plans and designs to prove his point but without any success. It is a riddle that can never be solved. Till it is done no body considers it necessary to contact God directly to ascertain the veracity of fact . Every one considers it much better to live in such a sweet illusion than to face the harsh truth of equality and similarity of all. God in His Abode is enjoying the fun that is going on in this world regarding Oneupmanship.

Friday, 22 August 2014

Universality in Hinduism

Belief in the existence of manifest or unmanifest God.

No dispute regarding God's name, with unlimited choice

Freedom to every individual to worship God in his own way.

God is the Creator of this universe and everything contained in it.

God is the only actor or doer in this world. All creatures are the puppets manipulated by the strings held by God.

Human beings have very limited free will to act of their own. It can be compared to the free will of a person who is on board a ship. The passenger can make limited movement in the ship in different directions but his ultimate  direction and destination is fixed and will be determined by the course taken by the ship.

The blows of fate, chance and circumstances are happily borne as the will of God.

God  is credited for all that is good in the world . The sorrows, sufferings and grief are accepted as genuine and deserved punishment for the intentional or unintentional wrong doings. Natural calamities are interpreted to be the punishment for the collective wrong doings of the society.

All that God is doing is right and is unquestionable.


One creed: Universal Theism.

Full freedom of thought to Atheists and Agnostics.

Equality irrespective of caste, color or race.

 Love for fellow beings and all creatures including vegetation and nature.

Tolerance to accommodate divergent views and difference of opinion

No cheating , stealing, encroachments.

Limit on personal possessions. ( recommended )

Social support for the helpless and needy.

Assured subsistence for all.

Full respect and protection of individuality but not at the cost of others.

SIXTIFICATION ( Healthy Entertainment ) Part II

For continuity read the earlier part posted today:

There was no way to regain my lost prestige and position at home from my children and wife. Interestingly , as a case of high discrimination, or perhaps well considered strategy, the lady of the house is usually kept out of this badge of humiliating sixtification It is perhaps because of the fact that usually ladies have a low voice say in the major decisions relating to home particularly if the issue involves money matters. The newfound position of the mother with full support from her children proves highly flattering and welcome to her , seeing in it an opportunity to settle the old scores with her husband. The children use her as a trump card to beat the father without taking any direct responsibility of affront . I was feeling ill at ease. My home was no longer mine, the inmates seemed to have become strangers to me. I was tactfully kept out from all kinds of discussion relating to family decision making. If some times I happened to drop in during family discussion, there used to spread a pall of silence at my sight, or there used to be a clever and cunning twist to the topic of discussion.i scrupulously avoided intervening in family discussions in my own interest but if some times my lips tried to part compulsively to say something, immediately would come a retort from my wife , "Tusi chip raho  ji", even before I could utter the first syllable of my piece. All of a sudden I had become absolutely worthless discarded piece of antiquity. 

Remaining in a state of bewilderment for a long time I started thinking of ways and means to come out of this predicament. There seemed only one solution , I should do up to shed off some of my years by going in for facial uplift , dying of hair and ordering trendy youthful dresses. It would mean breaking my resolve to stay simple and natural in old age, but there was no other 
option. This way also I would not be able to gain an inch at home, at least I would be able to 
dodge the outsiders, who know nothing about my age. Now I could also understand why people 
spent so much time and money to look younger than their years. Who wants to bear the badge of SIXTIFCATION ?

To be continued.........

Thursday, 21 August 2014

SIXTIFICATION ( Healthy Entertainment ) Part I

When for the first time you hear from your child in any context or reference , " Daddy, you don't know anything."  it is time to stop ,ponder , and check up your date and year of birth to make sure whether you have sixtyfied, yes this word may also be new for you, actually it is , it is just now coined by me as near equivalent translation of the vernacular word SATHIA JANA I.e. to behave like an imbecile or insane person in his sixties, whose sense of discretion and judgment has been affected by age. That seems to be precisely the reason why in most Government jobs  the retirement age was fixed at 55/58 years, much before a person got sixtyfied. 

It was a common feature in the earlier times to give wrong date and year of birth, exceeded  by a few years, at the time of entry into Govt. Service , to take advantage of prolonged service and postponement of retirement . The Govt. Knew this fact. Therefore, there used to be appraisal at the age of 55 to check whether the man has sixtyfied or is closer to it. Extension beyond 55 years upto 58 was granted after making sure that the man is of sound mental health. Recently, because of increase in the average longevity, some Governments and Departments have raised the retirement age to comparatively safe limit of 60 years.

I am sharing my experiences of sixtification for the guidance and benefit of those who are about to enter this phase or have recently entered.When I realized that I have been discovered at home, I decided to reduce my interaction with the members of my family to save myself from the frequent rebuffs from those whom I had ruled and dominated for such a long time. There was no way a compromise at home except withdrawal from the scene. I tolerated this position for some time but after that I started feeling suffocated . I was in the habit of intervening in every matter relating to my home , not only that , I saw to it that my suggestion or advice was unflinchingly honored. Now the tables had been turned against me.

To be continued........

Wednesday, 20 August 2014


I am mad

I am mad in the sense that I do not conform to the standards laid down by society and sectarian religion

I have never followed blindly the path shown by others. I prefer to choose untrodden path

I have always remained nonjudgmental about God and religion

I am not aligned to any sectarian religion

I am very protective and possessive about my madness, though I am willing to share it with ardent seekers. But I am not eager to set up a cult for the expansion and spread of my madness.

I see to it that my madness does not give any mental or physical pain to others. I don't throw stones at others literally and figuratively.

I don't cause any harm or pain to anybody through my words, thoughts and actions. However,I can't help if others suffer because of my inaction and silence.

I don't pay attention to what others say about me. I gladly accept their judgment about me and never contradict anybody or offer arguments or self defense to prove what I am or what I am not.

I know people around me consider me mad and some even condescend to tell me so with a view to helping me. I accept their verdict with courtesy and bow with a sense of gratitude and appreciation .

In my madness :

I consider myself to be the happiest person ever born on this earth.
Up to the age of 70 I have not known any mental or physical suffering. In future also I don't predict anything wrong.

I am most prosperous and richest person living at present. Non of my desires have ever gone unfulfilled.

I don't mind sharing the secret of my madness so that others may take precautions to keep away from the disease I am suffering from.


I am passionately in love with my madness.

Shree Guru Granth Sahib

Being enlightened, self realized, soul realized or God realized is not such a great thing as it is made out to be by certain  professional, mercenary (money-minded ) ,sectarian religious fake GURUS, who claim that such a state is impossible to be attained without the help or grace of GURU, indirectly meaning without their help and that too FOR A PRICE.The attainment of God realization does not confer any special status on a human being either to be worshipped or to be a lord over others. The fakes exploit to their best advantage the praises showered on GURU in our ancient scriptures. . That was, no doubt, true for the illiterate, uneducated society of the ancient times when education and knowledge were  the  monopoly of a few persons, particularly Sanskrit knowing Pandits, who alone had the capability and authority to interpret scriptures for the illiterate masses who could neither read nor did they have access to scriptures, which were hand written and rare.in fact, GURU need not be a living person , the knowledge and philosophy left behind by certain evolved persons , saints and ascetics can stand for a GURU with equal strength .Shree Guru Granth Sahib , the holy scripture written and compiled by the Ten Sikh Gurus, is the most prominent example of this fact. The Holy Scripture is a Living Guru for a Sikh.

The importance of physical GURU can't be discounted or underestimated even today for the common masses but GURU certainly is not indispensable for the self- initiated, educated seekers who choose to go on their own way with the help of knowledge freely available in easy to understand translations and explanations.  The fake GURUS are clever enough to warn their followers against the designs of  of this intelligent , educated class who are likely to wean away their followers, who are a permanent supply line for their monetary and material needs.

Most of the  GURUS today are whole sale dealers in Divinity and God competing fiercely with their rivals for grabbing their own share of the flourishing and teeming market. They move from place to place (read door-to-door) to sell their products and to manage money and other material resources for the upkeep of their Five Star  Ashrams, at the same time cursing the Grihasthies for their simple, innocent moderate permissible pleasures as sins or VIKARS that will open the doors of Hell for them after their death and convince them to BUY MUKTI in advance from their stocks. May GOD, if HE is around, save these innocent victims.

I bow down in deep respect to those few Genuine GURUS who are maintaining the highest traditions and norms on which the reverence of ancient Guru-shishya tradition was based but unfortunately their number is far too small and they seem to be obscured and lost in the crowd of fakes.

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

A B C D ( America Born Confused Desi )

The grown up children of the Indian couples living in America are labeled as A B C D 
( America Born Confused Desi ). The reason being that the poor fellows are badly 
torn between Indian and American cultures and ways of living. Most of these 
children have either never visited India or they have occasionally come for short 
visits along with their parents to have a superficial knowledge of the country of their 
parents' origin and usually they depart from here with a strong feeling of dislike 
and disgust because of over all unhygienic conditions and traffic snarls and chaos 
on the roads. Thus they nurture a strong feeling of dislike and hatred for India, which 
is often fueled by the parents themselves, most of whom had a humble family 
background in India and had migrated to that prosperous country looking for 
greener pastures . The parents themselves fail to come completely to terms with 
 the the local culture and ways of living. However, they are clever enough to choose 
the best for themselves from America, some times stealthily from their children and 
spouses.Family level cross racial get togethers between Indians and local 
Americans are few and far between. The children, however, get ample exposure of 
the American culture and way of life. The family level get togethers of the Indians   
are limited to groups of 10 to 20 families on the occasions of anniversaries and birth 
day parties. Thus the children grow up in a conflicting bisected culture and social 
atmosphere. In other words they spend their lives up to teens in two segregated 
air tight cultures. And when on their entry into teens, they are supposed to take 
certain Independent decisions, they find themselves in a quandary. The decisions 
and choices that come naturally to the local teenagers independently remain illusive 
to the ABCD. The matter is further complicated beyond resolve when in a country of equality
 of genders the parents present themselves in two different masks before the male and
female children.