Friday, 20 June 2014

A letter to Spiritual Science Research Foundation

A letter to Spiritual Science Research Foundation .


I have been on the inward journey for quite a few decades now. I have been conducting search and research in various aspects of spirituality, enlightenment and metaphysics on micro level and I am glad to find that the same job is being done by SSRF on a gigantic international scale. Some of my insights are available on my Facebook Timeline DP Sharma,,Facebook Page Spirituality, Enlightenment and Metaphysics and Blog "". Most of the insights, revelations and perspectives are similar in nature, there are some minor variations, as can be expected in any study of metaphysical nature , and certain revelations are absolutely new for me. For example in my spiritual world there is no place for ghosts and evil spirits. I consider all these to be the phantoms of a weak, sick and diseased mind, which can easily be treated by the first few steps of spiritual practice suggested by your saints and scholars. The other major point is regarding percentage of spirituality in an individual. My ANUBHUTIES are that either one is spiritual or not, there is nothing in-between. Once a person is evolved and realized he has the option to live ordinary worldly life with a much higher potential of over all efficiency and ease or he can opt for missionary job of helping others, as your organization is doing, or still can continue to keep his eyes on the hitherto unexplored aspects of the inner world, to seek answers to various questions which have been raising their heads in every age and which defy any universally acceptable answer. I have opted for the third alternative at my age of 70. I have absolutely no personal itch but I feel that we should try to keep the tradition of our ancestral rishies and munies alive to keep the doors open for more and more worldly knowledge. Simply presuming that our ancestors have unfolded every mystery of divine nature, and not even knowing what that is, is sure to cause stagnation. I am glad to find that SSRF is sure to make new strides in the field of spirituality and inner world. I would remain associated with this organization through internet and my age and strength permitting, would like to be associated in more active and fruitful manner. Being absolutely new to your organization, I do not know whom to address, I am sending my feedback through Comments Section and I hope it will be forwarded to the concerned Saint, scholar or the seeker as you may deem fit.With best wishes

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