Friday, 27 June 2014

Devil's Workshop

An empty brain is Devil's workshop - thus goes an English proverb and another English saying states similar truth "the devil makes work for idle hands".Most people accept the truth in it and often use this proverb in day to day life to illustrate the mischiefs of idlers ,particularly of children, without bothering to go beyond its surface meaning.However a closer  examination of the implications hidden in the deeper layers of this proverb provides explanation to some very important principles of human psychology.

Under normal conditions human mind can never remain empty. It usually remains overcrowded with assorted ideas and thoughts - good, bad, sweet, sour, bitter,dull,brilliant,constructive,destructive and so on running simultaneously. Usually the mind remains in auto fill mode and it does not allow any space in it to remain empty. In the absence of any good or constructive ideas available, the bad and destructive ideas are always handy and they creep into the empty space of mind stealthily without being noticed until the results of evil and destruction begin to show up, That is why an empty brain is rightly said to be a Devil's workshop.

The solution to shut down this devil's destructive workshop is very simple. The only thing that it requires is a higher level of self-consciousness and easy access to positive and constructive ideas to keep the space in mind fully occupied. For the simple minded people remaining engaged in chanting (JAAP), singing or listening to the devotional songs, or plain music is a simple and very effective remedy. To keep the Devil away from the children is the responsibility of the parents by providing them with constructive and interesting activities in their free time.

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