Saturday, 28 June 2014

The Ultimate Truth ( updated version as on June 29):

The ultimate truth about this universe is that it is packed to the capacity. Nothing can be added to it and nothing can be taken out of it. It is infinite, it has no beginning and no end. Except this phenomenon of universe man can not imagine anything without beginning or end and he knows no reason how and why this universe can be beginningless and endless.It is fully insulated from any outside influences or intrusions Every movement in it is highly disciplined and regulated. In fact there is nothing outside it..Nothing new comes up here except change ,transmutation and transformation of that is already there. There is no BIRTH and no DEATH in this universe, only change of material shapes and forms and different permutations and combinations of non-material aspects, such as, soul, consciousness, brain, mind, memory, ego, intellect, etc. Thus the law of change and transformation applies to every aspect - abstract or concrete.. No new thoughts, ideas or philosophies. Everything has always been there and will be there.These basic characteristics of the universe are beyond human mind, intelligence or logicThis fact has already been accepted by the scientists in the principle that nothing can be created and nothing can be destroyed. In the absence of answers related to these mysteries of the universe GOD comes in handy to be the cause of all that cannot be understood or explained by the human mind. According to the law of antithesis nothing can exist in isolation without its antithetical aspect, not even GOD, so there is DEVIL to authenticate the existence of GOD.That way I am not presenting any new idea, what I am trying to do is to explore the implications of some unexplainable and enigmatic divine facts and that too from my own view point.

(i)The existence has two levels: abstract and concrete. Apparently these two terms appear to be quite apart but closer examination shows that there is a very thin line separating the two.This is mainly because of another universal law of antithesis.

(Iii)According to the law of antithesis, nothing can exist in isolation, existence needs to be supported by something antithetical: heat-cold, light-darkness,truth-falsehood, love-hate and so on, non of these pairs can exist separated from the other.

To be continued........

The Ultimate Truth:  (...........contd)

(iii) There is no role of God in running this universe, otherwise there would have been no misery, sorrow or pain in this world. For the time being earth is the only inhabited place in the universe known to man, though there are speculations about other inhabited places also. The universe is on Auto Pilot Mode. There is no chance of an error in the smooth running except the ones caused by Devil and that too not directly but through man. The boundaries of territories of God and Devil are very well defined and both of them respect each other and are at peace with each other. It is only man who tempts the Devil some times for his selfish ends.

This universe does not wholly belong to God
As some people wrongly believe
A part of it is under Devil's sway
And God knows it well

God and Devil are first cousins
Though they don't see eye to eye
Both know each other's strength ...
Neither dare challenge the other

Both are at peace with each other
Once they shared the same abode
Till Devil revolted against God's supremacy
And was thrown out of Heaven

Now Devil lives in his own abode Hell
In God's neighborhood adjacent to Heaven
Devil is the undisputed lord of Hell
And God respects his sovereignty

The Devil nurses a deep grudge and ill will against God inwardly because of his expulsion from Heaven after the failure of his coup against the supreme authority of God in Heaven though outwardly in day to day interaction with God he is extra cordial and friendly. In the earliest times of creation also Devil used Adam ( our first ancestor) and instigated him to eat the forbidden Fruit of Knowledge and thus commit the sin of disobeying his Creator resulting in his expulsion from the blissful Garden of Eden. Devil though almost equally strong and powerful knows that he cannot defeat God in one on one fight, so he uses man from time time to cause disturbance and turmoil on earth to satisfy his feeling of revenge against God.

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