Thursday, 26 June 2014

How to begin your day?

Most of our physical and mental ailments ,particularly headaches and migraines, are the result of chaotic traffic in our internal world . Ten minutes silence with closed eyes and a focused peep in the inner world before stepping out of the bed in the morning is the first step for watching and regulating this traffic.More than 90% of our ideas and thoughts are unwanted,irrelevant intrusions making the mind over-work and distracting its attention from the main issues. Prepare your agenda for the day and get set to go. This one careful look in the mind to to break the automatic chain of thoughts works wonders and in terms of simile it is equivalent to weeding out unwanted growth from your kitchen garden providing better scope and opportunity for the growth of desired vegetables and plants. Just two minutes complete thoughtlessness or if you can't do that, focus on the form or the name of deity of your choice is a guarantee of a smooth day ahead.

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