Monday, 30 June 2014

The Ultimate Truth:
God vs Devil (Facts & Fiction)

Now the question arises why there is from time to time turmoil, disturbances ,accidents and violence in God-made universe. The answer lies in the law of antithesis that states that nothing can exist without its antithetical aspect, not even God, who has Devil as his counterpart in the antithetical zone to shake and give jolts to God's Creation from time to time.

The Devil is as much a reality as God. Both are joined to each other just as an unborn child is joined to the mother with umbilical cord. They co-exist ,cannot be separated and are equally powerful. Both of them live in the mind of an individual as much as they live in the entire universe. In spite of their clearly marked boundaries of territories, they have free unrestricted access to each other's regimes. Minor violations are ignored. Both God and Devil know that a subtle balance is essential for the survival of both. Neither of the two can survive of his own. Those who clamor for the eradication of evil from the society are perhaps not aware of the power of Devil. It is better to let the sleeping dog (Devil) lie, it does no harm to anybody. The Purists in search of Heavenly Kingdom are responsible for tempting the Devil and to enrage him. When God has no problems or issues with Devil, why should man be over enthusiastic to tempt Devil and to force him to shake the peace and equanimity of the world in self defense. But for the unwanted and uncalled for interference of man Devil poses no danger to the existence of God's universe.

The only solution to the upheaval in the universe is the time tested principle "Live and let live."

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