Tuesday, 1 July 2014

The Ultimate Truth:God vs Devil (Part II)
Facts & Fiction

In order to avoid any entanglements and controversies  with representatives of  various sectarian religions I avoid any reference to the religious scriptures  or different gods and deities mentioned in these scriptures, yet everybody knows it well that the comparative study of various major religions of the world shows that human AVATARS ( manifest gods ,deities or incarnates) representing different religions of the world had a tough time fighting the demons, the hierarchical juniors of Devil on this earth. The fight of the AVATARS with the demons was neck to neck and the defeat  of the Devil has been only temporary, and no AVATAR has been successful in eradicating the evil influence of the Devil from earth for good. If that is the history of battles between God and Devil or for that purpose their followers on earth so far, is it not better to work out a reasonable compromise? The other amusing and interesting fact is that the problem of God vs Devil is there only on earth, which is just a very insignificant and infinitesimal part of the whole universe. Clearly, the problem is not between God and Devil, it is between man and man. Unfortunately man is not satisfied with his smooth life and comfortable position as man only, he aspires for a closer and higher position, either with God or with Devil, and this diseased psychology of man is responsible for all the evils, turmoils and violence, The ambitious men get aligned either with God or with Devil, without their consent, and rage a war of sorts among themselves putting the peace and security of the whole human race at risk.There will be perfect peace on earth when man learns to live as man. This subject has vast day to day ramifications, therefore it will be dealt with,in detail, separately.

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