Monday, 28 July 2014

Who Needs God?

Who needs God?

A vast majority of the seven billion population of the world does not know what/who God is, where He lives ,what His relationship with the world is, particularly human beings, what  He expects from human beings, etc. Their sole objective is existence or survival. They remain so much occupied with the provision of food, shelter and other wherewithal for themselves and for those dependent on them that they are left with neither time nor energy to think beyond the sustenance of their bodies or so to say beyond keeping their bodies and souls together.

The religious leadership in the areas falling within their respective jurisdiction feeds the people around them about various myths about the universe, its creation by God and His ultimate authority to control and manage whatever is happening in this universe. The poor masses have no choice but to believe what they have been told. They are calculatively turned into fatalists i.e believers in fate so that they blame fate, chance or God for the misfortunes befalling them and not the actual culprits who have devised social, political and religious systems to cater to their selfish ulterior motives and deprive the masses of their legitimate due. They don't have time ,resources and capabilities of probing into information that has been passed on to them by the vested interests.

 It is the common interest of the religious leaders, political bigwigs and the rich people to keep the masses at the minimum survival level so that the natural resources and the secondary production resulting from these resources is hoarded, controlled and used lavishly by the chosen privileged few.It is the upper creamy layer from different sections of society that gets time to think beyond the existential level and toy with the luxurious i ideas of God, Soul, Consciousness, Spirituality, etc. The common masses are in the grip of GHOSTS of hunger, poverty and disease, and there is no God for them. It is the common interest of the upper few to keep the starving billions desensitized in a state of dizziness and helplessness. This upper creamy layer needs and seeks God through the middle class to save them from the wrath of masses, which when erupts will not be controlled by even God, whom they are so sure and proud of. The middle class is caught precariously between the poor and the privileged, who because of the existential dilemma have lost their sanity and power of independent thinking/ introspection.

In fact only middle class needs GOD, neither the privileged nor the poor.

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