Wednesday, 30 July 2014

The Ultimate Truth : Facts & Fiction: Part II

For continuity read blog July 30,2014, The Ultimate Truth: Facts & Fiction Part I
It is interesting to imagine what the world was like when man was in the earliest stage of evolution. He was like any other animal fighting for his survival on a level ground but after the evolution he has come to occupy an exclusive and higher pedestal in Animal Kingdom as a Thinking and Social Animal. This thinking of man has bifurcated his existence into two aspects: physical and metaphysical, and has opened up new vistas of living at a higher plane not accessible to other animals for the time being.
As of today existence in this universe from the view point of man has two sides: Internal or Inner and External or Outer.
Further the external existence manifests itself in the physical world and the internal or inner existence is metaphysical or abstract. Apparently these two terms appear to be quite apart but closer examination shows that there is a very thin line separating the two.This is mainly because of the universal law of antithesis.
According to the law of antithesis, nothing can exist in isolation, existence needs to be supported by something antithetical: heat-cold, light-darkness,truth-falsehood, love-hate and so on, non of these pairs can exist separated from the other. Thus physical and metaphysical are also inseparable and always co-exist.
Exploration of the inner world with the help of consciousness and awareness assisted by mindprovides various visions and insights of the vast physical universe and its functioning, which are well nigh impossible to comprehend with the help of intelligence, logic and reasoning. At the ultimate level of understanding the universe most tools  available to man such as intelligence and logic fail and he has to depend on Divine or Godly intervention, hence the need for unknown and invisible power that has been named God by man. In this sense man is the creator of God:
GOD is not the Creator of man
It is the other way round
Man has created GOD
To serve his selfish ends

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