Tuesday, 29 July 2014

The Ultimate Truth : Facts & Fiction ( Part I )

I share with my fellow travelers the perceptions, insights,visions ,hallucinations, findings, discoveries,facts and fiction experienced during my meditational jaunts.

The statements made in the forthcoming series under the collective title "The Ultimate Truth: Facts &  Fiction" are not claimed to be correct, authentic or supported by any religious scriptures.These can at best be called the personal fancies of a seeker after truth about the reality of the universe without any religious intentions.

The purpose of recording the statements is the research to be based on similarities of the experiences of the other like-minded individuals, who are hereby requested to send their feedback either in the comments section or through private messages.

The similarity of certain statements with other earlier recorded documents on various aspects are purely coincidental or the result of my absorption what I have read or heard so far and I express my gratitude to the original exponents for that.

For continuity kindly read my blog dated July 22, 2014' titled " The Ultimate Truth ( Foreword )

The Ultimate Truth : Facts & Fiction
Part I

The ultimate truth about this universe is that it is packed to the capacity. Nothing ,can be added to it and nothing can be taken out of it. It is infinite, it has no beginning and no end. Except this phenomenon of universe man can not imagine anything without beginning or end and he knows no reason how and why this universe can be beginningless and endless.It is fully insulated from any outside influences or intrusions Every movement in it is highly disciplined and regulated. In fact there is nothing outside it..Nothing new comes up here except change ,transmutation and transformation of that is already there. There is no BIRTH and no DEATH in this universe, only change of material shapes and forms and different permutations and combinations of non-material aspects, such as, soul, consciousness, brain, mind, memory, ego, intellect, etc. Thus the law of change and transformation applies to every aspect - abstract and concrete.. No new thoughts, ideas or philosophies. Everything has always been there and will be there.These basic characteristics of the universe are beyond human mind, intelligence or logicThis fact has already been accepted by the scientists in the principle that nothing can be created and nothing can be destroyed. In the absence of answers related to these mysteries of the universe GOD comes in handy to be the cause of all that cannot be understood or explained by the human mind. According to the law of antithesis nothing can exist in isolation without its antithetical aspect, not even GOD, so there is DEVIL to authenticate the existence of GOD.That way I am not presenting any new idea, what I am trying to do is to explore the implications of some unexplainable and enigmatic divine facts and that too from my own view point.

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