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Pooja Room ( Part II )

 For continuity please read Pooja Room Part I ) cience-of-spirituality
Among various methods of cleaning, tidying and organizing the mind, the Pooja Room, is bydream analysis. The nature of dreams indicates the amount of junk and  garbage piled up in the mind and their analysis helps in discarding this junk by and by.There are numerous kinds of dreams but we can divide them into three broad categories:
(I) The dreams which you see while sleeping.
(II ) Day dreams, the dreams which you see while awake but transported to some other world. Technically you are awake with your eyes open but you are not present in the world around you.
(III) Life long dream when you are in deep slumber from your birth till death.
To begin with we take up the first category which is accepted by most people to fall within the purview of a dream as such.  When I use the plural of dream in the forthcoming discussion, it will not include the second and third category unless specifically stated. The other two categories will each need independent consideration.
Dreams are nature's device or mechanism to maintain the equilibrium of mind and to save it from explosion. In most of the cases mind is so much full of information, data, thoughts, emotions,memories,ideas ,proposals,plans,decisions and a lot more that it is at the point of break down and it cannot perform even its day to day 
minimum functions. This is the stage of a man  gone haywire. This situation can also be termed as nervous break down or neurosis. Such an extreme situation is a serious cause for concern and needs to be handled by specialists in psycho analysis or professional Counsellors . Unfortunately in such cases people take the help of psychiatrists who rather than providing any relief compound the gravity of the sufferer by prescribing tranquilizers and intoxicants. This situation of the mind can be illustrated with the analogy of your over burden of work to such an extent that your physical efficiency is drastically reduced, some times to the level of zero or minus, when you break down completely and fall sick reducing your output of the pending work to nil. Counseling from practicing psychologists, spiritual practices and religious rituals are more effective and useful in such extreme cases than the treatment by psychiatrists.
Since the mind is not capable of handling the work assigned to it , it begins to process the data at night or any other time when you are half asleep. In fact, in such a situation it is almost impossible to have soothing sound sleep. The sound sleep comes to you in fits and starts broken every now and then by the restlessness of the mind weaving the web of dreams as a solution to various riddles on the basis of trial and error and different permutations and combinations. The result is highly complicated and complex dreams which have no sequence, cause and effect or any other logical unity. What these dreams mean and what they portend is a subject of separate study but the presence of such like dreams gives indication of a mind full of junk that needs to be discarded.

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