Friday, 25 July 2014

Pooja Room ( Part I )

The mind is your Pooja Room for meditationSelf realization and god realization. Before inviting God to this place it needs to be thoroughly explored and cleaned. No negative or Devilish thoughts should be hiding anywhere.Everything  residing in any nook or corner of this place has to be shaken and checked to confirm that it should not be self and God repellent. All the dust and cobwebs have to be removed completely to make this place a sacred altar of God. Once it is done you are ready to receive your Honored Guest.
Human mind has numerous layers or compartments to store information, knowledge and incidents that happen in life. These layers of the mind have been divided into three broad categories: unconscious, sub-conscious and conscious. The functioning of the mind and its decisions depend on the information and data stored in mind. Our physical health is a function of the mind to a very great extent. Various physical ailments and disorders are psychosomatic and can be cured by examination of the mind and removing the aberrations from it that result into physical disorders. Unfortunately most of the information and data stored in the mind is negative, unwanted,undesirable and trash. With the passage of time this garbage shifts to the sub conscious level of mind and continues to play mischief from there. So far as the information and data stored in the unconscious mind is concerned, an individual cannot do much about it. This information and data come from the experiences of the previous births or from the genes. The cleansing of the unconscious mind can be done by the specialists only.
However the trash and impurities from the sub conscious and conscious compartments of mind can be easily removed with increased awareness , will power and determination of the individual. In case of necessity outside help can be taken from friends and relatives.  More than 90 percent of the garbage and debris leaves your mind when you shake and shuffle in the presence good and nice people around you.That is why the need for  SATSANG, the company of nice band divine souls,and not just a religious congregation . One method to remove the trash from mind is Self. Analysis and the other methods are meditation,DHAYAN Sadhna, Naam Jap ( the repetition of the name of god or goddess of your choice) and listening to devotional music. The entire process is the collective job of Head and Heart.
( The information provided here is sketchy and brief to draw the attention of the readers to this important aspect of an individual's preparedness for self and God realization )

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