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Pooja Room ( Part III ) - Conclusion

Pooja Room (Part (III)  Conclusion . For continuity read Parts I and II

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We shall separately study the significance and interpretation of the dreams, our concern for the time being is the cleansing of the mind and reorganizing it for meditation leading to self realization and God realization. It is said that diamond cuts diamond. The same principle is applicable to the mind, it requires a kind of self cleansing. One very effective and long lasting method is self analysis including
dream analysis and gradually increasing the level of consciousness and awareness.

We all dream and pass off this activity of our life as "nothing important" and forget that these dreams are the pointers to our present state of affairs and also a foreboding of the coming troubles. Let us first of all try to understand what a dream is. A dream is an enactment of some probable event or incident likely to happen on the basis of information and data available in the store house of mind. Secondly, these dreams enact the fulfillment of certain unfulfilled desires.A hungry man dreams of foods,feasts and delicacies. The romantic dreams of the youth is a very common phenomenon. Dreams are no doubt the creation of our mind when we are in a state of semi sleep. We don't dream when fast asleep. Dreamless sound sleep is a sign of healthy body and healthy mind. Dreams tell us about the content in mind and it's nature. We can call dreams advance home work done by the mind or its preparedness before some difficult to handle situation arises.

Our mind is always processing the data and information stored in it. It tries to draw conclusions about forthcoming events and happenings on the basis of information stored in our unconscious, sub conscious and conscious mind. Various possibilities and probabilities of our present state of affairs and forthcoming events manifest themselves in dreams. Needless to say that dream analysis can provide answers to our numerous questions/riddles and save us from forthcoming dangers.
For the time being it is more than enough to understand that excessive dreams are an indication of the chaos in mind, and the illogical sequences and complexities of the dreams tell about the seriousness and intensity of the problem. Meditation, self realization or God realization under such conditions is not possible.
 The content of the blog has exceeded far beyond what I originally planned. Before the readers become weary I would like to wind it up by briefly suggesting that cleansing of the mind is possible through self analysis, increased level of consciousness and awareness, thorough probing of the subconscious mind, dream analysis and interpretations, preparing a written list of the thoughts stuck in the mind and effort to prioritize and organize them. Detailed discussion about these processes will be taken up later.

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