Sunday, 17 August 2014

Myths about Spirituality

The path of ADHYATAM or Spirituality is considered by the young generation some 

sort of religious gimmick and the fad of old people.. Nothing could be far from truth 

than this notion.First of all it is important to note that spirituality has nothing to do 

with any sectarian religion. It is highly scientific and universal in nature. Secondly it 

is not at all hostile to materialism and physicality (ramifications of the human body). 

Whatever difference we find in a realized spiritual person from an ordinary person is 

the by-product of spiritual attainment or enlightenment. If a spiritual person changes 

his outlook towards materialism and physicality it is because of deeper 

understanding of the divine and universal facts and the futility of ordinary worldly 

activities and not because of any dictates of spirituality. An enlightened person has 

the choice to live like any other non-spiritual family person with a much better 

quality of life because of clear vision and highly enhanced physical and mental 

potential.The earlier a person understands this thing, the better.. Spirituality is also 

not a male domain as it was considered by some before the entry of certain female 

protagonists in this field who took courage to break the hegemony of male 

dominance. Anandmurti Gurumaa, Ritambra Didimaa, Brahmkumari Shivani and 

numerous others are living examples of this new genderless horizon of spirituality.

Spirituality, materialism and physicality(ramifications of the human body) are neither 

at variance nor in conflict with one another. There is no need to renounce one in 

order to follow the other. There is nothing wrong in following the path of 

renunciation of worldly possessions in order to follow the path of spirituality by 

certain ascetics but it is not a pre-condition to tread on the path of spirituality. 

Similarly, deprivation of bodily needs is also not a pre-requisite. Too much is made 

out of the negative influences of KAAM (Lechery), KRODH (Anger), LOBH (Greed), 

MOH (Obsessive attachment) and AHANKAR (Pride) as deterrents to the attainment 

of highest spiritual state i.e. MUKTI or salvation.All these traits can stay in 

moderation in a human being without causing any hindrance in his way to 

attainment of higher level of living. The ultimate destination of spirituality is just a 

mental state of equanimity that transcends all material possessions and bodily 

deprivations and creates in the achiever what in Hindi is called Sam Bhaav 

(Equanimity).. At this stage nothing shakes the achiever and no happening of the 

world, howsoever bad ,sad or shocking from the viewpoint of ordinary mortals, can 

raise even a ripple in his mind. Now it is his choice he can stay in this regime as 

long as he wants or he can join back his routine worldly duties.He may be the same 

person for people around him but he alone knows what he has become with his 

physical and mental potential much higher than others. Most of the Indians have 

often heard such things, they themselves know these well and can teach them to 

others but there are very few who can live them. Living is that matters.

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