Tuesday, 19 August 2014

The Reality of MAYA

From the view point of perceptions  each individual is unique, in all aspects such as, 

physical, mental, social, emotional , intellectual, behavioral, sensual. This is 

something strange that no two individuals can ever experience exactly the same 

thing with their sense organs. All our sense organs are attuned in such a manner 

that the characteristics and frequencies of no two individuals can ever be the same 

except in certain exceptional and accidental cases. Not only that, the fine tuning of 

every individual keeps on changing from moment to moment or from day to day. For 

the purpose of understanding we can take the example of one particular sense 

organ, eyes. Let us suppose that the physical reality of a physical object remains 

the same for a day ( This too is a false assumption for the purpose of explaining, 

because the inert physical objects are also subject to constant change every 

moment.) The visual images formed of the given physical object in the inner screen 

of the mind will be different in all the individuals. Not only that , the images formed 

of the same physical object in the case of a single viewer will be different on 

different moments or on different days.  This characteristic of the physical reality is 

called FLUX in English language. It means that physical reality of the world is not 

the same any two successive moments. It is from this view point that the physical 

world is referred to as MAYA because it is so slippery and illusive that it cannot be 

captured under any circumstances. However, this characteristic of the physical 

world does not make it unreal as some people call it. It is a reality, though of a 

different kind, I.e. Of constant change. Change itself is a reality, rather a reality of all 

the realities.

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