Monday, 11 August 2014

No Hand Shakes or Hugging, EBOLA has come

No Hand Shake or Hugging ,EBOLA has come

Most Indian social and religious practices were based on scientific principles.
For example the ritual of meeting and greeting was performed with folded hands without touching each other. But we have given up that tradition in favor of shaking hands and hugging. The result is that most of the viral and infectious diseases get cooperative and promotional response from the victims themselves and these diseases soon take the epidemic shape. Since most of these diseases are short lived, say about a week, so most people prefer to take a calculated risk and continue to enjoy the momentary pleasure of shaking hands and hugging and thus expressing love for each other.

However we forget that like God, Devil too is keeping an eye on us and he cannot tolerate such expression of love because it weakens his position on earth and his ranks begin to dwindle. So from time to time he keeps on sending his agents to stop such actions of expression of love and goodwill. He sends conjunctivitis , an eye disease, from time to time and the practice of expressing love by physical touch is suspended, to be resumed soon as soon as the phase of the disease passes.

This attitude of the human beings hurts Devil and this time in a fit of anger he has deputed EBOLA , a deadly disease, far more serious and fatal than AIDS or any other existing disease.  It causes sure and certain death and that too in a period of just three weeks and there is no cure for it for the time being. Some African countries are already in the grip of this disease , more than a thousand persons have already been weaned away by Devil,and  EBOLA is all set to extend its tentacles the world over.

Take the Devil this time seriously. Stop following the practice of handshaking and hugging or formal physical touches to express your true or false emotions of love and goodwill. Who knows one may be wishing early death to the other rather than  good luck.

My NAMASKAR to you with folded hands. Kindly don't touch me. I would rather remain uncultured and primitive rather than dying at Devil's bidding.

I hope you would not tell others about my not so modern uncivilized behavior.

With the same love as I ever had for you, I remain, yours

DP Sharma

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