Sunday, 10 August 2014

Spirituality for Beginners

Disclaimer: These are my personal thoughts/views, academic and non-religious in nature. These are neither supported by any scriptures nor aligned to any sectarian religious group.

( Kindly don't read if you are following some living GURU or if you have strong convictions about the related subject based on religious scriptures)
Questions/clarifications from the readers are welcome.

For continuity read two earlier parts. ( FAQs )

Read the following text, try to understand its meaning and underlying implications, if you can digest a little bit of it, read it again for full comprehension, otherwise leave it, and take some time till you can come back to this again. Once you begin to understand the import of this text, you should read it again and again till you absorb its essence fully, verbatim memorizing is not required. The following text has been formulated keeping in mind Monism or Adwait school of thought, that believes in the existence of only one soul I.e. God Soul or One Divine Soul and no individual soul.The text can be modified to suit the followers of Dwait or Duality/Multiplicity school of thought distinguishing individual soul from the supreme soul, I.e. ATMA and PARMATMA  Often the two schools have remained at loggerheads but to me there appears to be no point of conflict between the two schools. I have in fact moved farther away from both the schools, I call it neither monistic God realization nor dualistic self + God realization, I simply call it SOUL REALIZATION and dissociate myself from either or any other related school of thought, without any religious overtones. In all humility I have no hesitation in saying that I am writing my own text of scripture just for myself and for any other willing taker. I neither contradict any other existing school of thought nor do I seek following or patronage from the readers.

"I am soul , not body. Even this body, or for that purpose any other body does not belong or relate to me. My relationship with the body through which I am communicating this message is the same as with any other human body, creature , vegetation or physical object. I am the only one, there is no other. I am above possessions. I can not possess anything nor can I be possessed by anybody.I am immortal . I am timeless. I have always been there. I am above both space and time. I was never born . I am without beginning as well as end. I pervade the entire universe. I don't possess this universe nor does the universe possess me.I am there and the universe is there, that's all. I have no relationship with this universe whatsoever.i have no role in the running and functioning of this universe. It is governed by its own physical laws. I remain unaffected by the happenings in this universe.the universe does not come in my way and I don't come in the way of the basic nature is peace and purity. Nothing can disturb my peace.I have some metaphysical attributes and no physical form. Some of my attributes can be manifested in human beings, other creatures and vegetation. No human being is capable of assuming all my attributes. Body is a limiting factor to my full realization and as soon as full realization comes the body as well as the entire physical world evaporates. Intellect and logic are a hindrance and not a help in realizing me. It is only the highest order of awareness and consciousness that can help in my full realization.I am called God by some , Supreme Soul as distinguished from individual soul by others, and the stages  of my partial and full realization are called as Self Realization and God realization. This is also a misconception spread by some vested interests . I am no God either. In brief I AM  just I AM, no more."

After reading the text continue repeating: I am, I am, I am, I am, I am,.............................or OM, 
OM, OM, OM.........................till you can afford or till your body becomes subservient to chanting.

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