Monday, 4 August 2014

The Ultimate Truth : Facts & Fiction ( Part VII )

For continuity see earlier parts:

We may argue about the existence of GOD but there is no denying the existence of Godliness. I have always felt and realized the existence of unmanifest God or Godliness pervading the whole universe. This Godliness manifests in various physical forms , actions and behavior of fellow human beings and all other creatures, and above all divine laws that govern and discipline this vast universe. Now the question arises whether God or Godliness can exist as separate entity , it will be the same thing as asking whether any color, white for example, can exist without without being manifested in some physical object. There are numerous
other attributes that have no existence of their own as such but can be realized in certain physical objects only.Take for example, sweetness, bitterness, softness, which have their existence manifested in certain physical objects only and not apart from them.We cannot deny the existence of white color but at the same time we cannot see white color separated from objects. Whiteness in abstract form may exist in mind but it cannot be found anywhere outside.

 The same is true I presume with respect to God and Godliness,we can have some idea about God in the mind but we cannot find God outside in isolation in any physical object or form.We cannot give any physical form to God,though we can perceive and realize God or for that purpose Godliness in the outside physical world. The conclusion is that God and Godliness are certainly realities which cannot be shown to others but have to be realized by each individual separately and independently.

Viewed thus, God, Godliness and Divinity are synonyms used for certain characteristics and attributes which ensure smooth and flawless movement of this universe, physical, psychological and emotional wellness of life and vegetation on earth or elsewhere on any other heavenly body if life be there.

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