Saturday, 9 August 2014

Spirituality for Beginners (Seeker's Response )

Here are a few doubts, issues, questions raised by one reader/seeker relating to the preceding blog of today . Since all the points that he has touched are of utmost importance, so I am giving my views through this blog so that the others may also benefit from this. My views are purely personal without any scriptural support.

Q:I don't know if soul exists without God?

A: There are two schools of thought on this subject:Adwait or monism and Dwait or Duality/Multiplicity. I belong to the first one. According to this school individual soul and God/Divine soul is one and the same thing. This Sole Soul is manifested in each individual. Complete or full realization of this soul has the potential to raise every individual to complete Godhood. Self realization is equal to God realization.

The other school Dwait believes in the duality or multiplicity of soul. According to this school individual soul is a part of the all pervasive Divine Soul. The individual soul has the scope and potential of merging  with the Divine Soul. Thus there are two steps to God realization : self realization and God realization .

A close examination of the thoughts of the two schools will show that they are more or less the same and there is no clash between the two except of language and perception of the process to God realization .

You are free to join either of the two schools or establish your own based on your meditational ANUBHUTIES or revelations.

Q: I don't know if soul exists without spirituality.

A: The existence of anything in this universe, much less soul, is not dependent on anything else, except, of course its anti-thesis, which is co-existent, light- darkness,day-night, beauty-ugliness etc. That Soul exists is an unchallenged or  indisputable fact, spirituality has nothing to do with it. Spirituality is the name given to the study of soul, its attributes , its related aspects and its resultant benefits.

Q : I presume an Atheist may very well be spiritual .

A : According to me only an Atheist can be spiritual. Here the opinion may differ and I don't want to make an issue with those holding different views. I simply respect and appreciate divergence and difference of opinion. An Atheist has the potential of attaining Godhood earlier than the Theist. A theist has unflinching faith in God and for him this God is the OTHER different from him. You can either believe in something or BE THAT SOMETHING .

Q : I did not know that we can talk to evil spirits. How? Why?

A: Your question has cropped up from my explanation of difference between spirituality and spiritualism. I have simply explained the two terms. In addition to this I know nothing about ghosts and evil spirits, but there are others who believe in these things. I am not equipped to contradict them. They may or may not be right, I don't know.

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