Friday, 22 August 2014

Universality in Hinduism

Belief in the existence of manifest or unmanifest God.

No dispute regarding God's name, with unlimited choice

Freedom to every individual to worship God in his own way.

God is the Creator of this universe and everything contained in it.

God is the only actor or doer in this world. All creatures are the puppets manipulated by the strings held by God.

Human beings have very limited free will to act of their own. It can be compared to the free will of a person who is on board a ship. The passenger can make limited movement in the ship in different directions but his ultimate  direction and destination is fixed and will be determined by the course taken by the ship.

The blows of fate, chance and circumstances are happily borne as the will of God.

God  is credited for all that is good in the world . The sorrows, sufferings and grief are accepted as genuine and deserved punishment for the intentional or unintentional wrong doings. Natural calamities are interpreted to be the punishment for the collective wrong doings of the society.

All that God is doing is right and is unquestionable.


One creed: Universal Theism.

Full freedom of thought to Atheists and Agnostics.

Equality irrespective of caste, color or race.

 Love for fellow beings and all creatures including vegetation and nature.

Tolerance to accommodate divergent views and difference of opinion

No cheating , stealing, encroachments.

Limit on personal possessions. ( recommended )

Social support for the helpless and needy.

Assured subsistence for all.

Full respect and protection of individuality but not at the cost of others.

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