Thursday, 7 August 2014

The Ultimate Truth : Facts & Fiction ( Part X !)

The erosion of divine values love, brotherhood,caring and sharing has weakened God's camp of human beings which is attributed to the cyclical turn of events named KALIYUGA. Taking advantage of this weakened aspect Devil has sown the seeds of selfishness,hatred, greed and hostility among the shaken and stiffened followers of God, which means gradually weaning them away from God and swelling the ranks of Devil. As a result , otherwise hidden Devilish designs are coming to the fore and are causing conflicts, hatred and violence. Devil has his own share in the natural phenomenon of day and night and dwelling places of the human beings. Broadly speaking the day belongs to God and the night belongs to Devil. There are overlapping periods of dawn and dusk. Dawn predominantly belongs to God and the dusk to Devil. Similarly more than temples , and other places of worship, Devil has the sway at pubs, discotheques, harlot homes and star hotels, which are far more glamorous and gorgeous than a sad turn of events austerity and simplicity is disappearing from God's worshipping places and the Ashrams of god's representatives on earth.

In bungalows of the rich God and Devil have their separately and specially earmarked places : temple room and bar room. As the sun moves towards west heralding the onset of dusk , the haunts of Devil : pubs, discos, bars , massage centers , dancing halls ,harlot homes become alive and abuzz with life  and the priests begin to lull the gods to sleep for the night rest so that the Devil may have his full sway at night providing favorable opportunities to the rapists, burglars , thieves and scoundrels of all shades and hues. By and large all these activities of tribute to God and Devil go on simultaneously and smoothly except sporadic incidents of clash of interests now and then. No wonder, worshippers of God are often found among followers of Devil in night revelries and the followers of Devil pay courtesy calls at temples and other places of worship, and even publicly announce huge donations. In such an atmosphere of cordiality between God and Devil only a few follower extremists on both the sides make a worthless hue and cry.

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