Monday, 11 August 2014

Spirituality for Beginners ( Meditation )

Spiritual Meditation 

Spiritual Meditation is a process of increasing the awareness and consciousness level by remaining in soul consciousness . Most of the seekers are often found confused about Meditation . They do not clearly understand what this term means and how to do meditation. 

What is meditation ?

Meditation in simple words means being your own self completely cut off from the rest of the world, including your family, near and dear ones, and all kinds of mental associations and entanglements, shorn off all worldly possessions.It is a dialogue with the self or with God within you, your consciousness standing as witness and guard as this process of meditation is going on..Meditation is a mental state and it does not require any physical distances or renunciation from the outside world. When one learns to enter the inner world smoothly , the outside physical world automatically disappears and ultimately a stage comes when one is in perpetual state of meditation remaining very much in this world and discharging all the routine duties perfectly well with much higher level of efficiency, accuracy and smoothness. Contrary to common perceptions , meditation does not actually take you away from your world but makes you better placed and fixed in it. In so called worldly reality nothing changes, the change takes place inside the mind only. In fact one comes to understand the real nature of the physical world and its relationship with SOUL.this is also the stage of attainment of MUKTI .

How to do meditation ?

The concept of meditation explained above is the highest attainable degree and it is reached gradually only.  To begin with a seeker has to decide whether to go about it or not. If one wants it, the first requirement is to fix a minimum available time and , it can be as little as fifteen minutes and a suitable place .Determination, strong will and self discipline are the basic requirements for this purpose. Whatever time one fixes in the beginning for this purpose, it should be religiously adhered and observed. The most important thing is the fixed point of time for this purpose, if it is 5 O'clock in the morning, it should be punctually the same everyday. The next step is to sit in a comfortable posture and let  the body and mind loose and to carefully observe what is happening of its own without willfully interfering in the natural and automatic process of happening. Don't do anything just observe, be consciously alive, that's all. Just one week's practice will bring about phenomenal changes in your way of living.

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