Sunday, 3 August 2014

The Ultimate Truth : Facts & Fiction ( Part V )

This world is described by many as the house of sufferings with almost everybody affected by one or the other sickness, disease, poverty, hunger, deprivation,depression and what not. However a close examination of all these sufferings will reveal that these physical and mental ailments result from the body conscious subjective view of the happenings in the world. When we view these happenings from the perspective of body they appear to be affecting us and we feel pain and suffering. But once we learn through self exploration and meditation therelationship between the physical and the metaphysical, all pain and suffering evaporates. This body is a machine or vehicle to take the bubble self round to connect with other selves but sitting in this vehicle we consider it to be  inseparable and integral part of the self and we are affected as soon as our vehicle breaks down or meets an accident . Taking the analogy a step further it is the same kind of pain that we feel at the break down or accident of a vehicle supposedly owned by our body. In this way by connecting the self to the body the circle or chain of our connections with the physical world keeps on widening and so does the circle and magnitude of our sufferings.Once we learn our immortal characteristic as a soul and the transitoriness  and transmutability of the physical world all the worldly pains, sufferings and break downs will stop troubling us.
We concluded in Part IV  that man is just a cell in the organic whole of this universe marked by Infinity/Divinity. As an integral part of the whole, this cell is also a complete whole in itself and it enjoys the nourishment and protection flowing from the bigger whole I.e. Infinity or Divinity like the nourishment energy and life force flowing to the child in mother's womb. But for one reason or the other if this cell gets  dissociated  from the whole,  like the disconnection of umbilical cord,it loses the nourishment,strength and vitality that was naturally flowing to it from the integrated whole. In other words as soon as we supposedly break our relationship from the Infinity/Divinity, we become vulnerable to all kinds of attacks on us, resulting in incessant pain and suffering.

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